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South African BASE Association
SA European BASE Trip August 2010

Three South African BASE jumpers are planning to take Europe by storm in August 2010. Come 29 July- Frederik, Arie and Gloei will be on a plane to Zurich with BASE rigs, wingsuits and camping gear packed and ready to go!

Arriving at Zuring they will catch a train to a small haven within the Alps called Lautenbrunnen. This small town is a well known BASE jumping destination where BASE wingsuit pilots from around the world flock together to make friends and rip through the fresh mountain air.

It will be a trip of virgins for these three: as it will be their first trip to the Valley, their first Wingsuit BASE jumps and after hopefully meeting up with another South African jumper the first South African wingsuit 4-way. For 21 days these three will enjoy the Swiss hospitality – i.e. beer and girls – and the thrill as the beautiful Swiss landscape passes under them as they soar through the Alpine air in their wingsuits.

After the three weeks of over indulgence in the Alps they will make a quick stop over in the UK and hopefully add another country or two in their reputia of countries in which they have done BASE jumps.

Visit the Forum page on which they will keep everyone posted and jealous with all the fun they will be having!


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